Shaman Heart-The Bittersweet Beautiful Ride Release Parties

Hola Mis Amigos!

Happy almost Valentines day.  I hope this email finds you falling in love with something or someone in your life this week.
My heart has been open and in full tilt boogie working behind the scenes sharing my new album Shaman Heart- The Bittersweet Beautiful Ride. It's been called one woman's prayer in the dark and journey of faith in song. With this album I opened my heart and closet to share the skeletons and the medicine that freed my soul. It has been liberating and scary at the same time.
My prayer is that these songs become  seeds of hope in someone else's heart along the way!

I sure hope to see you at one of the  celebrations in Texas or Tennessee. I am honored to be donating proceeds from the San Antonio show to my friend Rose who lost her home to Hurricane Harvey. If you feel like helping you can follow this link here to help Rose or just come and see the show.

My Nashville CD release party will be a benefit for the amazing non profit YANA (You Are Never Alone) Women's Recovery Home. I love this program and how they help so many women heal and find their way back to a life worth living. I've learned time and time again  that the gift comes in giving and it is true.. the more I give the more it just comes back again. I am so blessed!

I look forward to seeing you sooner than later down the road!!!

Gracias Y'all!,




Tues Feb 20 McGonigels Mucky Duck Houston, TX
Thur Feb 22 Threadgills North     Austin, TX
Fri  Feb 23 5 Points Local     San Antonio,TX
Wed  March 7 Texas Troubadour Theatre Nashville, TN

For More Information or Booking Go To:

16 Days, 10 States and 7 Shows

Well me and The Z finally made it home...16 days, 10 states, 7 shows and memories to fuel our hearts for years to come. From Broadway to Boston to the Beach.. From Family Farms to the First "Bring it back to the Heartland" Family Festival to Ferrys and a Family Firewalk, Fathers Day show to visiting the Capitol of our Country, DC to seeing and singing with friends and our own family along the way to swimming and climbing in the great Smoky has been an adventure of a lifetime for sure. In all my years as a mom I have never felt closer to my girl and I will forever be grateful to my own little fiery angel for being the light and inspiration you are in my life. Many thanks to Patterson Barrett for riding the roads, playing and singing the songs with us all these years. Happy Fourth of July my friends .. May the Force be with you and may freedom ring and bring joy to your hearts and homes this holiday weekend!

Magic in Tularosa is happening!

Hola from Tularosa, New Mexico! We drove 19 hours dodging storms to arrive in the land of enchantment! Working on a special project and my heart is singing .. Another dream I've been dreamin since I was 5 is coming true! Can't wait to share the exciting news! Thanks to Scotty Moore and his family for a late night bed, breakfast tacos and a Texas welcome in Abilene on our way to New Mexico! Magic is happening and there seems to be an army of angels leading the way! I am blessed and SOAKING in the JOY from the music we are making in TULAROSA! Here are a few of the mariachis that I have the honor of working with! The lead singer is Pedro Montoya. He and his son on percussion Mike Montoya played with me at the last minute when I had a show a few weeks ago! One miracle led to another miracle and then fast forward a few weeks later and me and Patterson Barrett are back eating tacos and making magic with these guys. I am learning so much about this beautiful culture and gaining more respect than ever about the tradition and sounds of mariachi!! DREAMY DREAMY DREAMY music..Thank you to all the angels who stitched this tapestry of love together! Magic in Tularosa is happening!

SUJ Follows in Her Great Grandfathers Footsteps & is Ordained as a Shamanic Minister & Breathwork Facilitator

There is an old saying that says "YOU CAN'T KEEP IT UNLESS YOU GIVE IT AWAY" Well the time has come for this Fiery Angel to finally step out and give back what I have been given in a new way. As some of you know I have been doing a powerful healing modality called Breathwork over the past two years that has changed my life. Ever since I was a kid I struggled through debilitating depression on a regular basis until I started this work. It has changed my life like nothing else before and I have tried everything. I have never been so full of gratitude, intuitively guided, joyful, centered and riding through the cycles of change in my life mostly good but sometimes devestating and still been well. I credit this internal healing and new way of living to breathwork. I believe in it so much that in February I followed in my great grandfather Manuel Anaya Urbina footsteps and was ordained a Shamanic Minister in the hills of the Great Smokey Mountains and this Saturday I will share my gifts of song, teaching and offer breathwork to a number of folks seeking to transform their lives. Many may not understand this kind of work but since I have shifted so much I know GOD is at work through me and I am gratefully surrendered to share the gift of personal freedom I have been given. 

Full Circle Super Star Moments

This past week was a week of full circles and I wanted to share some of the amazing moments. When I moved to Nashville a few moons ago, my first job was as a receptionist for REFUGEE MANAGEMENT and PLA MEDIA who represented GARTH BROOKS. He was rocking the whole world at the time but I never met him. Fast forward to last Monday when I was invited to a VIP event in Nashville. Garth walked right up to me and asked me who I was. I told him and thanked him for being a part of my start.  He was as kind as he could be and spent over an hour with folks making sure everyone felt his love.

That night I ran into my dear friend and believer Bobby Braddock who was performing as well. Bobby has written some of the biggest songs of all time including DIVORCE, TIME MARCHES ON and the #1 Country Song of all time "HE STOPPED LOVING HER TODAY" Bobby also happened to be BLAKE SHELTON'S first producer and was the ANGEL who pitched "MY BABYS GOT A SMILE ON HER FACE" to Blake so many moons ago. As the story goes, Blake held on to the song but never cut it. Fifteen years later, he gave the song to CRAIG WAYNE BOYD, who he was coaching on the VOICE.  Craig sifted through 25OO songs and then chose our song to record and sing. He of course won the VOICE and then on Christmas Eve it went #1 on Billboard Hot Country Charts. It was a night I will never forget.  

I was grateful to get a call from Bobby later last week inviting me to go with him to see Blake Shelton. The Bridgestone Arena was sold out 3Ok people in two nights. Blake could not have been more gracious and grateful to Bobby for giving him his start so many years ago.  Not only did he and Gwen Stefani meet with us before the show, but he also pulled up a bar stool and sang an acoustic set of songs from those first few records recognizing Bobby as the man who started it all and thanking him in the middle of the concert. In both of these cases I saw why these two gentleman are stars. They were and are truly grateful for what they have been given and generously honor those that got them there. It was such a full circle week to be able to see and thank GARTH, BOBBY and BLAKE, three stars who in their own way had played a pivotal role in my life and career. 

Many thanks to each of you for believing in me too! In the end, it truly is the people and experiences that make it all worth while.  I will be heading to Sedona, AZ, La Luz, Santa Fe and Taos, NM, Colorado and back to Texas this April. June we will be heading to the Northeast, summer in Europe,  late fall to the West coast up to the Northwest. If you or anyone you know would like to host us let me know!!!

Happy almost Spring my friends. Here's hoping your heart is soon in bloom and I see you sooner than later down the road!

Blessings Y Gracias, 


Fiery Angel On Fire

One year ago today we prayed and put together the "FIERY ANGEL "  INDIGOGO campaign. I had NO idea how I would take this  record I LOVED SO MUCH and be able to give it the life it deserved...but I had to do something before I QUIT. Really , I was gonna QUIT..but not before I got THIS FIERY TALE out and honored my partners, writers, producers, former managers and all the people who had come together to help bring it to life. It was humbling to ask for help but I did and you my friends answered. We raised enough to get the ball rolling and then came Craig Wayne Boyd with his #1 Billboard Hot Country song  from the The Voice  "My Babys Got A Smile On Her Face" "that me and Mark Marchetti wrote. It was a HALLELUJAH moment ( thank you Craig and Blake Shelton )  on Christmas Eve 2014 and just the   momentum I needed to keep moving. Since then  the road has risen to meet me and my fire has been stoked by YOU and all the amazing experiences I have had from the my first  #1 Billboard song, stories in Rolling Stone , Billboard, the Grammys, to touring all over the world in 8 countries filming the video for " I Wanna Dance with You " in northern Spain and having it played on ZUUS Country America seen in 42 million households , to coming home to "Bring it Back to the Heartland" climbing the charts in Texas with a heart of gratitude and a tour to give life to this album. I have for the the 3rd time happily mortgaged everything we have , spent every dime from my #1 and been gifted beyond understanding from angels along the way!  I have an amazing team of believers and I am so grateful to each of you! I LOVE WHAT I GET TO DO and I know it is because of YOU!  I am amazed and proud to announce that for the third week in a row " FIERY ANGEL " is on the ITUNES cover page .WOOHOO! I'm in some MAJOR company! What an HONOR!! Thank you to each of you for every thought , word , gig , deed or dollar you have given..MAGIC IS HAPPENING and mi corazon se llena! MUCHISMAS GRACIAS Y'ALL!  If you haven't gotten one...Get your DOWNLOAD TODAY!

Fiery Angel CD Release Concerts & Tour

Hola my friends! Stephanie here. I am so excited to announce  that this week we  KICK off the FIERY ANGEL CD RELEASE PARTIES and CONCERTS all over this great country!  After the first few weeks of Radio Tours in Texas and Oklahoma we headed north last FridaySeptember 11 and kicked off the "FIERY ANGEL TOUR" in the HEART of THE HEARTLAND , home of Abraham LIncoln ,waving wheat and cornfields , Springfield, Illinois. It was a night I will not soon forget, intimate, inspiring and powerful. Tonight  we are in NASHVILLE ,TN otherwise known as MUSIC CITY, USA at 3rd and Lindsley taking the stage just before the Time Jumpers.  

Next week we head back  to my home state of  TEXAS with shows in the Hillcountry town of Fredericksburg, Austin, San Antonio, the Woodlands and Dallas before heading to California and Kansas City, MO! Dates are being added daily. From Honky Tonks to House Concerts to festivals around the world..we are "BRINGING IT BACK TO THE HEARTLAND" If you are interested in us coming to you let us know! It would be an honor!!! 

Have a blessed day my friends! I hope to see you down the road at one of these shows! Once again, thank you for your continuedsupport!!!  I am so very grateful and mi corazon se llena!!!  Time to celebrate!!! VAMONOS!



"Bringin It Back to the Heartland"

Hello Friends! Stephanie here! I hope all is well in your world! I wanted to take a moment to share some exciting news! .  "Bring It Back to the Heartland " is in its 4th week of being featured on ITUNES COUNTRY COVER PAGE , we have finished and are getting ready to release a  video for " I WANNA DANCE WITH YOU" filmed in Gijon Spain and I will be honored by NSAI ( Nashville Songwriters Association International  for the #1 Country song I  co-wrote with Mark Marchetti called "My Babys Got A Smile On Her Face" on Sept 14th . The following week we will be releasing "FIERY ANGEL" andkicking off shows and concerts from Tennessee to Texas to then criss crossing the  country! From Honky tonks to House Concerts to  festivals to farms we will be  "Bringing it Back to the Heartland".  Stephanie

From Espana With Love

SUJ Headlines Her First Festival in Spain ..Beautiful Barcelona, Music , the Mediterranean, Spanish Honky Tonks & Running with the Bulls!


Hola Mis Amigos from ESPANA! I hope this  finds you and yours fantastico!  I wanted to take a moment and share some of the AMAZING  9 days I have just LIVED in  Spain. This truly was a dream come true as this country has inspired my heart for years!  

After our incredible show in Interlaken, we flew to  BARCELONA  and rehearsed a band in this passionate  city by the sea. Thankfully  in between  rehearsals and gigs we were able to experience the vibrant sights and sounds of BARCELONA from from the GAUDI inspired  SAGRADA FAMILIA  ( WOW!!)  to MONTSERRAT, to strolling down LAS RAMBLAS, shopping in LA BOQUERIA, to visiting 4 CATS, a restaurant  PICASSO loved , to seeing and hanging out with one of my favorite bands of all time,  the MAVERICKS. 

Our first gig was at L'ANCORA, a bar in the Mediterranean Coast town of St Felieux where we spent the day and night making music by the sea. The next morning we caught a flight to Northern Spain and I played  my first festival in ESPANA in AVILES, Asturias.  Much to my suprise I was able to talk and sing in Spanish/ English  and  the crowd LOVED  the MUSIC! 
The next day we headed to another seaside town of GIJON where I played one of the coolest honky tonks ever called the SAVOY! I was so excited to have a full house and folks who had seen me the night before travel down to see me again! 

As luck would have it we had 2 days before we needed to be back in Switzerland and  were only hours from  PAMPLONA, SPAIN , the home of   "THE RUNNING OF THE BULLS" , #1 on my BUCKET LIST. Since I was 5  I have dreamt of seeing this in real life and so we headed up the coast and arrived in Pamplona just in time for the nights festivities of  dancing, eating and fireworks. The next morning we rose at 5 am to get to our balcony  to witness  thousands of people lining  the streets and hanging from windows to see thousands  of LOCOS ( crazy men and women) run wth the bulls. Thankfully no one was hurt that day but it was an experience I will never forget!!!  We sang for our super , made some new friends for life and caught a flight from Pamplona to Madrid and then back to Zurich. 

The adventure continues and to my amazement so far every country has welcomed me and my music with open arms, dancing , screaming and  standing ovations. It seems we are onto something and  I am  beaming from the inside out!  I want to thank my new family of fans and friends for the REVOLUCION EN MI CORAZON !!! Espana is BOLD and BEAUTIFUL and I long to return sooner than later for sure! Tomorrow  we are on to Germany , Belgium and Amsterdam before heading back to Switzerland next weekend..YEEHAW!

Once again thank you for coming along for the ride and for  your continued prayers of support!!!   I'm sending my love and gratitude over the ocean and back home to you!!!!   Have a blessed week my friends!!!



Interlaken Festival & The Swiss Alps

Hola Mis Amigos frombeautiful Interlaken  Country & Trucker  Festival in Switzerland. For many years I dreamt  of  playing this prestigious international festival and it was a dream come true AMAZING weekend!  I had the honor of getting to know and sharing the main stage withlegends "The Bellamy Brothers", "John MIchael Montgomery" and one of my all time favorite bands the "Mavericks." 

As you can imagine I was a bit nervous as I never know if  a new country will "GET" my music ...but guess what?? THEY LOVED IT!!  They danced, sang, hoot, hollered and I made friends and fans for life!!! It seems thatLATIN COUNTRY is right on time and I am honored and excited to be sharing my music all over the world!

After the show we had the pleasure of going to one of the most AWE INSPIRING spots in Switzerland called SCHLITHORN. It takes 4 gondolas rides to get to the top where a James Bond movie was filmed years ago. The location was turned into a revolving restaurant in the Swiss Alps. My head was in the clouds as Iate a  meal I will never forget. 

Just in time for the 4th of July we are getting ready to release my first single off the "FIERY ANGEL " project called  "Bring It Back To The Heartland". I have never written and sung a song that moved people like this one does and I have never been more excited to take a song to the people ! We  will be playing across the USstarting in Tennessee & Texas in August. From Honky Tonks to House Concerts to Festivals and more we will be singing and bringing our heartsanyhwere and everywhere this fall!  

Today we  are back on the road in Espana where we are rehearsing a band in Barcelona, Spain thenplaying a venue in  Costa Brava and a festival in Northern Spain followed by a dream come true balcony seat to see the RUNNING OF THE BULLS in Pamplona, Spain next week!!!  

The adventure continues and I am so very grateful to each of you for being a part of the magic.  "Your love has left an imprint on my soul, I take you with me wherever I go". I hope your having a beautiful day wherever you are!

Blessings Y Gracias,


Texas Across the Pond

Hola Mis Amigos...hello my friends! 

I hope this email finds you and yours well and enjoying the  summer of 2016. We have just returned from having the time of our lives in Scotland playing 6 radio interviews, the Americana Cavalcade Festival and a guest spot on the prestigious Music Day at  BBC Scotland where I had the distinct pleasure of singing with icon writer / artist DONOVAN!

What an honor to share the stage, and even more to sit down and talk with him, hearing stories of Joan Baez, The Beatles and his amazing  life experience. For 9 days straight  from the Lowlands to the Highlands  from Perth to Edinburgh to Glasgow we played and sang from morning to night .. festivals, tolistening rooms, to radio stations to a live Scottish pub, to singing to an audience in this recreation of aCrannogpictured here.

From one unexepected moment to the next wemade friends and fans for life. I want to personally thank Billy Sloan from the BBC Scotland, Donovan, Rob Ellen and Mairi from the Medicine Show, all the radio programmers, stations, venues who  bet on me as their international artist and made it all happen! I am honored to be in life and music with you and hope our paths cross sooner than later down the road in Scotland. 

To the people of Scotland  and all of our  new friends thank you for making us feel so welcomed in your enchanting country! 

After two weeks back in Nashville, tonight  I am  in the airport on my way to a month tour in Europe starting with Interlaken Trucker and Country Festival with the Mavericks, The Bellamy Brothers and John Michael Montgomery. Then it is on to 3 shows in Spain, a dream come true chance to see the Running of Bulls in Pamplona and thenGermany for a farm house concert and a show on the River  Rhein,  followed by a few dates in Belgium and back to Switzerland to play Klewenalp a festival in the Swiss Alps you can only access via Gondola! Yes it is a dream come true summer for me and I am truly drinking in the moment and so very grateful.

 Thank you to all the folks who have embraced, played , bought and danced to my latin  country music and each of you for your support along the way! It seems magic is happening!

 For all of you generous folks who donated to my "FIERY ANGEL" CAMPAIGN I am excited to say  we will be putting out the first single "Bring it Back to the Heartland" in  July followed by CD Release parties and shows through November across the US starting Aug 25th at the Bluebird in Nashville, TN.

From Honky Tonks To House Concerts , Churches to   to Radio stations  we are bringing it this fall!!! Once again thank you for your support and patience! Somethings in life are worth the wait!!!

Many blessing to you and yours from the airport in DC!! May the road rise to meet you and may your sing all summer long!!!

Vaya con Dios,