Fiery Angel On Fire

One year ago today we prayed and put together the "FIERY ANGEL "  INDIGOGO campaign. I had NO idea how I would take this  record I LOVED SO MUCH and be able to give it the life it deserved...but I had to do something before I QUIT. Really , I was gonna QUIT..but not before I got THIS FIERY TALE out and honored my partners, writers, producers, former managers and all the people who had come together to help bring it to life. It was humbling to ask for help but I did and you my friends answered. We raised enough to get the ball rolling and then came Craig Wayne Boyd with his #1 Billboard Hot Country song  from the The Voice  "My Babys Got A Smile On Her Face" "that me and Mark Marchetti wrote. It was a HALLELUJAH moment ( thank you Craig and Blake Shelton )  on Christmas Eve 2014 and just the   momentum I needed to keep moving. Since then  the road has risen to meet me and my fire has been stoked by YOU and all the amazing experiences I have had from the my first  #1 Billboard song, stories in Rolling Stone , Billboard, the Grammys, to touring all over the world in 8 countries filming the video for " I Wanna Dance with You " in northern Spain and having it played on ZUUS Country America seen in 42 million households , to coming home to "Bring it Back to the Heartland" climbing the charts in Texas with a heart of gratitude and a tour to give life to this album. I have for the the 3rd time happily mortgaged everything we have , spent every dime from my #1 and been gifted beyond understanding from angels along the way!  I have an amazing team of believers and I am so grateful to each of you! I LOVE WHAT I GET TO DO and I know it is because of YOU!  I am amazed and proud to announce that for the third week in a row " FIERY ANGEL " is on the ITUNES cover page .WOOHOO! I'm in some MAJOR company! What an HONOR!! Thank you to each of you for every thought , word , gig , deed or dollar you have given..MAGIC IS HAPPENING and mi corazon se llena! MUCHISMAS GRACIAS Y'ALL!  If you haven't gotten one...Get your DOWNLOAD TODAY!