Interlaken Festival & The Swiss Alps

Hola Mis Amigos frombeautiful Interlaken  Country & Trucker  Festival in Switzerland. For many years I dreamt  of  playing this prestigious international festival and it was a dream come true AMAZING weekend!  I had the honor of getting to know and sharing the main stage withlegends "The Bellamy Brothers", "John MIchael Montgomery" and one of my all time favorite bands the "Mavericks." 

As you can imagine I was a bit nervous as I never know if  a new country will "GET" my music ...but guess what?? THEY LOVED IT!!  They danced, sang, hoot, hollered and I made friends and fans for life!!! It seems thatLATIN COUNTRY is right on time and I am honored and excited to be sharing my music all over the world!

After the show we had the pleasure of going to one of the most AWE INSPIRING spots in Switzerland called SCHLITHORN. It takes 4 gondolas rides to get to the top where a James Bond movie was filmed years ago. The location was turned into a revolving restaurant in the Swiss Alps. My head was in the clouds as Iate a  meal I will never forget. 

Just in time for the 4th of July we are getting ready to release my first single off the "FIERY ANGEL " project called  "Bring It Back To The Heartland". I have never written and sung a song that moved people like this one does and I have never been more excited to take a song to the people ! We  will be playing across the USstarting in Tennessee & Texas in August. From Honky Tonks to House Concerts to Festivals and more we will be singing and bringing our heartsanyhwere and everywhere this fall!  

Today we  are back on the road in Espana where we are rehearsing a band in Barcelona, Spain thenplaying a venue in  Costa Brava and a festival in Northern Spain followed by a dream come true balcony seat to see the RUNNING OF THE BULLS in Pamplona, Spain next week!!!  

The adventure continues and I am so very grateful to each of you for being a part of the magic.  "Your love has left an imprint on my soul, I take you with me wherever I go". I hope your having a beautiful day wherever you are!

Blessings Y Gracias,