From Espana With Love

SUJ Headlines Her First Festival in Spain ..Beautiful Barcelona, Music , the Mediterranean, Spanish Honky Tonks & Running with the Bulls!


Hola Mis Amigos from ESPANA! I hope this  finds you and yours fantastico!  I wanted to take a moment and share some of the AMAZING  9 days I have just LIVED in  Spain. This truly was a dream come true as this country has inspired my heart for years!  

After our incredible show in Interlaken, we flew to  BARCELONA  and rehearsed a band in this passionate  city by the sea. Thankfully  in between  rehearsals and gigs we were able to experience the vibrant sights and sounds of BARCELONA from from the GAUDI inspired  SAGRADA FAMILIA  ( WOW!!)  to MONTSERRAT, to strolling down LAS RAMBLAS, shopping in LA BOQUERIA, to visiting 4 CATS, a restaurant  PICASSO loved , to seeing and hanging out with one of my favorite bands of all time,  the MAVERICKS. 

Our first gig was at L'ANCORA, a bar in the Mediterranean Coast town of St Felieux where we spent the day and night making music by the sea. The next morning we caught a flight to Northern Spain and I played  my first festival in ESPANA in AVILES, Asturias.  Much to my suprise I was able to talk and sing in Spanish/ English  and  the crowd LOVED  the MUSIC! 
The next day we headed to another seaside town of GIJON where I played one of the coolest honky tonks ever called the SAVOY! I was so excited to have a full house and folks who had seen me the night before travel down to see me again! 

As luck would have it we had 2 days before we needed to be back in Switzerland and  were only hours from  PAMPLONA, SPAIN , the home of   "THE RUNNING OF THE BULLS" , #1 on my BUCKET LIST. Since I was 5  I have dreamt of seeing this in real life and so we headed up the coast and arrived in Pamplona just in time for the nights festivities of  dancing, eating and fireworks. The next morning we rose at 5 am to get to our balcony  to witness  thousands of people lining  the streets and hanging from windows to see thousands  of LOCOS ( crazy men and women) run wth the bulls. Thankfully no one was hurt that day but it was an experience I will never forget!!!  We sang for our super , made some new friends for life and caught a flight from Pamplona to Madrid and then back to Zurich. 

The adventure continues and to my amazement so far every country has welcomed me and my music with open arms, dancing , screaming and  standing ovations. It seems we are onto something and  I am  beaming from the inside out!  I want to thank my new family of fans and friends for the REVOLUCION EN MI CORAZON !!! Espana is BOLD and BEAUTIFUL and I long to return sooner than later for sure! Tomorrow  we are on to Germany , Belgium and Amsterdam before heading back to Switzerland next weekend..YEEHAW!

Once again thank you for coming along for the ride and for  your continued prayers of support!!!   I'm sending my love and gratitude over the ocean and back home to you!!!!   Have a blessed week my friends!!!