SUJ Follows in Her Great Grandfathers Footsteps & is Ordained as a Shamanic Minister & Breathwork Facilitator

There is an old saying that says "YOU CAN'T KEEP IT UNLESS YOU GIVE IT AWAY" Well the time has come for this Fiery Angel to finally step out and give back what I have been given in a new way. As some of you know I have been doing a powerful healing modality called Breathwork over the past two years that has changed my life. Ever since I was a kid I struggled through debilitating depression on a regular basis until I started this work. It has changed my life like nothing else before and I have tried everything. I have never been so full of gratitude, intuitively guided, joyful, centered and riding through the cycles of change in my life mostly good but sometimes devestating and still been well. I credit this internal healing and new way of living to breathwork. I believe in it so much that in February I followed in my great grandfather Manuel Anaya Urbina footsteps and was ordained a Shamanic Minister in the hills of the Great Smokey Mountains and this Saturday I will share my gifts of song, teaching and offer breathwork to a number of folks seeking to transform their lives. Many may not understand this kind of work but since I have shifted so much I know GOD is at work through me and I am gratefully surrendered to share the gift of personal freedom I have been given.