In only two day I will  be heading overseas once again  as the International Guest Artist at the Americana Cavalcade at Perth Racecourse in Scotland !!!! We are booked for radio and TV interviews 5 days straight  including a live in studio performance in front of an audience of 100 people on BBC SCOTLAND. WHOOHOO! So many people have asked how I got here..I just have to laugh as it has been an unexpected overnight,  journey of  divine right timing , dream come true success...I am so very grateful! Thanks for coming along for the ride!

It really hit me today..these dreams I have been dreaming since I was 4 years old are coming true. I  am blown away that this is happening NOW. I am a late bloomer, but I just keep followin my heart, betting on my dreams and going for it and somehow the road keeps rising to meet me. This has been a journey of faith for me with angels showing up in the eleventh hour time and again to support me in the next right step. The magic all started back in Austin when I met Cameraon Randle , who brought me to Nashville. I was intending on being an artist manager and publicist but life had a life of its own.

Within months I fell into writing and met songwriter and great man Jim McBride who first believed and gave me a publishing deal  and made me a professional writer. Texas was the first state to get my music and give me a career. The Lonestar state  believed in me before anyone in Nashville got this bi-cultural latin, country rock music that moves through me . As some of you know I  was a songwriter first, starting to get cuts from other artists and making my mark as a writer when my abuelita (grandmother) died. She was walkin between the worlds, took my hand on her death bed, looked at me and told me that I would be a voice for our people. She said I would tell stories in song all over the world. I did not believe in myself at that time and could not imagine I had it in me to be a performing artist ,  but when a dying woman talks, I listen.

Soon after  her passing my heart was called to Mexico to connect with my roots and I fell madly in love with my MEXICAN heritage. It was there in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where I had a vision of my life today and what was mine to do. I came back to the states , mortaged my house and  made my first cd. Soon I started a company called "Texicana Entertainment" with the intention of sharing the beauty of the hispanic heritage in American music and media with a maverick attorney and  11 angel investors who I adore to this day.

Pam and Ed Shane, Katie Kirkpatrick Key, Kathy Douglas, Debbie Green, Bill Green and Texas Radio said yes too and soon I had a #1 record "Shakin Things Up" on the Texas Music Chart making history for 5 weeks in a row and singing a duet with Willie Nelson at his 4th of July Picnic and becoming a Kerrville New Folk Finalist. I was on my way and had my precious  daughter Zeta too.

Back in Nashville I was approached by Scott Borchetta and Big Machine Records at the same time as he was signing Taylor Swift.  I was close to my destiny and in good company with Taylor and Toby as the possible  beginning of this killer label. Things took a turn as they sometimes do and soon I was in Sweden touring with Little Big Town just as their first record was coming out. They really got me and Karen asked if she could introduce me to Clint Blacks  label called EQUITY  she was on and their management . It was a dream team and I was set to be released on the heels of Little Big Town with their support!  Then as many of you know I went through a divorce and the label folded.

Ayayayayy I was soooo close to my destiny  again that turned and soon I was in a crash and burn. Everything I had ever dreamt of, especially my dream of a family was gone. I was devastated. I spent a year trying to find my way and wrote through it all. That potent experience of life, death,  loss, dreams and hope for a new life  all came out in "FIERY ANGEL" It was during this same time that I met my now husband Jeremy Pajer. He was a spiritual teacher in the healing arts and we fell in love. I was planning on getting a job at a coffee shop while I figured out what to do next. Music was not an option as I had a daughter to raise but once again providence stepped in and 4 things happened 1. Abbey Road heard my music and booked me in Luckenbach Texas. 2. A woman I was in a healing class with that heard my music put a $1000 check under my pillow and told me my job for the next month was to book gigs 3 .Jeremy went through my catalogue , found 10 songs that worked together and a picture and made the Texicana Sessions 4. We got another loan and I had an album to roll with. The "Texicana Sessions " album  was fun, festive and just what I needed to tell a new story and step into my next with a great single called "Como Se Llama, Mama" with Augie Meyers of the Texas Tornados.

As you all can imagine I am totally  moved and blown away as I can see the miracle and divine right timing in it all. It is not at all how I planned..but even better. It has always been a  spiritual, journey of faith for me and the road has led me to many great teachers to help me  find my joy, peace and purpose along the way. It has taken years to create this bilingual, bicultural story in song but now the cake is baked and is being enjoyed.

We were off and running this time with more angels on board with Cherron Kee and Arriba! Salsa as my sponsors along with Richard Wall too! Texas radio once again rallied, I got my first film roll in a Texas Western called "COURAGE" and was cast as one of the artists on the National TV show "Troubadour Texas" . Bill Green from CDTEX sent my single all over the world and soon I was getting offers to play prestigious stages in France( Crapponne Country Rondezvous, in Switzerland ( The Montreux Jazz Festival , thanks CWE Music & Entertainment and Interlaken Country and Trucker Festival ) Germany, Italy and this past year Mexico ( Magic Town Music, Japan /Country Gold( thank you Judy Seale) and now Spain and SCOTLAND along with my very first #1 Country Billboard Song by Craig Wayne Boyd who won the Voice!

There are moments when I am singing "I Wanna Dance With You", "Revolucion", "Vamanos", "Gracias"  or "Mariachis Make Me Cry" and I realize that my dream, my grandmothers dream is coming true. To see and hear thousands of Japanese Country fans sing "GRACIAS" back to me was beyond this world. Me, the audience and the angels up above were not only dancing and singing, we were sharing our culture and they got it. That is what music is about... sharing life in can take you anywhere . Just when I thought it was all over for me it all started and I am along for the ride, willing and ready to take this music beyond mine and my grandmothers wildest dreams. It took a long and winding road but I would not change a thing as every step, large or small has made me more and more grateful to be given the honor, humility and gift of sharing this music.. our Texas, Mexico, US , Country culture with the world. For everyone , who has played a role large or small, angels on this earth and beyond ,my biggest co-writer Mark Marchetti and all other co-creators,friends, family, Kathleen Ann Hudson and the Texas Heritage Music Foundation and all you band of believers I say Muchisimas Muchisimas Gracias.. I am so very very excited and grateful.. Scotland here we come!!!