"Although dozens of country songs through the years have reflected a beach theme and the influence of Latin Culture, the majority have been hits for white male artists. So it's doubly refreshing to encounter Stephanie Urbina Jones, a latina singer-songwriter whose latest single and video, "Vamonos! (Let's Go)", captures the joyous fantasy of a tranquil island getaway."   

Stephen L. Bett
Rolling Stone Country

"As an artist that freely combines the singer/songwriter vibe with the hot blooded traditional sounds of Mexico, Jones naturally embraces a wider swath of the Lone star state than her contemporaries."  

Peter Cronin
Performing Songwriter Magazine

"Stephanie has what most people would regard as the right tools for her chosen life's work: an agile songwriter's pen; a smoky supple voice; devastating good looks; and a refreshing lack of music orthodoxy. But Jones real gifts are an adamant determination, a healthy skepticism about fast buck payoffs, and a work ethic that would put John Henry and his hammer to shame."

John T Davis
Austin American Statesman

"Stephanie became inspired to fuse her latin and Hispanic influences with her country sensibilities. "Bi-cultural country music," she calls it, and you'll find plenty of examples on Fiery Angel. It's her aim to fulfill her grandmothers prophecy and blaze a fresh, full-time trail in contemporary music."

Bob Paxman
Nash Country Weekly

"Stephanie Urbina Jones has combined her dual heritage into a unique music genre. Jones possesses an intense pride in being Latina , but the icing on the cake is Jones' unique and superb voice that is sheer delight on the senses."  

La Prensa
San Antonio, TX

" This ain't blowing smoke........Stephanie.....just listened to "Fiery Angel" many times over the weekend.......This is one of best album's I've heard in a long long time........Devastatingly beautiful (The Resurrection of My Heart)..So full of life(I Wanna Dance With You)......Brilliantly consistent from start to finish.........Be proud cause this one sets the bar very high for other artists...............People....listen and SPREAD THE WORD!"  

Barry Rose
KOXE Brownwood

"Fiery Angel is about triumph over tragedy - an album of redemptive road trip tunes primed for open windows, long stretches of fields and the freedom of starting over."

Allie Eissler
Texas Music Magazine

"Born in San Antonio, Stephanie is descended from both Americans and Mexicans, and she was exposed to the traditional country music that was played around the house growing up as much as she was the mariachi band music from the Mexican immigrants her grandmother would help to house and integrate. During her period of soul-searching, Stephanie journeyed to Mexico to discover more of those Latin influences and cultures, and she fell in love with their positive thinking and party attitude. This is on display on the opening and closing tracks of the new record, beginning with the vacation-themed ‘Vamonos’ (which deftly strikes a perfect middle ground between country and Latin), and ending with the peppery hot ‘Revolucion’.

‘Fiery Angel’ is a career record for Stephanie Urbina Jones, an adept interpretation of her varying influences and a beautifully-penned journey through hitting rock bottom and rising above the flames. Thematically it really works, too, making it difficult not to resort to clichéd references to fire and heat, but it’s all relevant in a record that she has really taken her time over to get just right. It’s a great, fun listen, and I can imagine will help a lot of those struggling to make sense of being lost in the world. For Stephanie, there’s always a chance for things to turn around."  

For The Country Record

"I have long been a fan of this lady's work. Her voice is as throaty and emotive as ever on this topical single. The lyric yearns to bring the nation back to its better years when we had mom-and-pop stores, products made in the U.S.A., family farms, good jobs and the American Dream"  

Robert K Oermann
Music Row

"Finding your place in a crowded music scene is no easy task, but San Antonio native Stephanie Urbina Jones conquers the task and makes it look easy on Fiery Angel, her 5th overall album. Known for her songwriting cuts with Lorrie Morgan and Craig Wayne Boyd, Jones has also earned several accolades as an artist that includes being the first independent female artist to top the Texas Music Chart. However, this new album may be her top accolade yet as she invites us directly into her diary and delivers an ultra-personal collection of songs that accentuates her Latin heritage and traditional country influences. She opens the album with “Vamanos” and quickly gives us the perfect introduction to who she is as the Latin base wraps around traditional country instrumentation to lead to a fist-pumping chorus that’s full of energy. She sticks with the Latin edged country as you push forward on songs such as “I Wanna Dance With You” and “Revolucion,” the latter which leans on the guitars to deliver power. She masterfully picks her spots to move into a more straight-ahead Texas country as shown on the angrier driven “Run Out Of Road” and “He Reminds Me Of Texas,” but expertly balances it against an outstanding cover of the classic “Help Me Make It Through The Night” and the slower paced “Rose In The Wreckage,” a song which exposes the vulnerabilities that we all face in life and could open up crossover success for Jones within the Christian market. As she showed on the lead single “Bring It Back To The Heartland,” Stephanie Urbina Jones knows exactly how to strike a chord in listener hearts. She continues connecting with us throughout this collection as she carries us through life’s ups, downs, and in-betweens, but through the telling of her own setbacks and challenges she also maintains a hopeful message as she encourages us that we are strong enough to get back up and push ahead"  

One Stop Country

" This 'HEARTLAND' song has BALLS!! Love the arrangement, and obviously the vocals are on point. Guitar work is very nicely done.  The blend of acoustic and electric was well thought out. It sounds like an ANTHEM!  Blast it from the tallest buildings! Well done!!

You officially have the Steve Rixx (Triple XXX/Threat) seal of approval! "

Steve Rixx
KSAM Huntsville