Stella's Story


Who is Stella?

Those of us who love her know that Stella is the just the best sort of girl:  kind, loyal, strong, intelligent, gentle, hard-working and truly just beautiful to the core.  The second daughter of a 6th generation Texas ranching family and mother of one fine son, she is elegant and the salt-of-the-earth all at once.  Someone to aspire to be like.

At around 26 years of age, Stella woke up unable to see.  She was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  She has been fighting this debilitating and crushing disease for almost 20 years now.  Even in the worst of times, Stella has a cheery word – her strength in her battle is unmatched.  Only once have I ever heard Stella say something negative: recently she said to me that MS had stolen her life.  And that comment is why we are undertaking this project and campaign now.

Purely by happenstance, I had a house concert series going on that coincided with the first reunion of my college best friends in 20 years.  And this is where the magic started.  My artist that night was Stephanie Urbina Jones and when we all got together, it was clear that Stephanie was definitely one of us.  Stella and Stephanie especially connected.  Moments can change a lifetime.  

Flash forward to today:  we three women got our heads together and figured out how to make an amazing campaign to celebrate and honor our hero, Stella.  She is an integral working part of this whole project and, as I told her when she made the “stolen life” comment:  this disease hasn’t stolen her life because there is much left for her to do and we are going to do it together.  Our wagons are all hitched to one another on an amazing journey – a combination of many passions.  Come along with us.

From Diana Burkett                                                        TruBluTexian Girl